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"Buy Low, Build Cheap" is The Lucky Setback's debut effort. It is independently produced, engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered at Shoebox Recording Studio by The Lucky Setback, and Jonathan Chandler (Amos the TransparentSilent Winters) in the hometown they all share, Kanata, Ontario. 

Formed early 2017 and comprising of Bryan Ruckstuhl on vocals, Tim Holt on guitar, Paul Groleau on Bass and Chris Scully on drums. Two singles have been released so far. The first single 'Bang Bang Electric', and the second  is 'Cut Me To The Quick'. 

The debut album release - February 5, 2019.


The Lucky Setback - Biography Coles Notes

So...basically, without boring you to sleep - Band loses original singer. Band starts looking for new one. Band finds new singer amongst mutual friends of friends. One of said mutual friends is new singer's wife (now ex) with whom he is going through a divorce at said time. Confused yet?  Band then gets drunk. Band bonds. Band writes songs. Band debut album release - February 5, 2019. That should clear everything up. Or if you like details, click here.