The band formed early 2017 after three of the members (Chris, Tim and Paul) had just parted ways with their previous vocalist due to directional differences. 

The space they were renting at the time was at The Shoebox Recording Studio, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada which was part owned by a good friend of theirs Jon Chandler and his business partner Bryan Ruckstuhl. 

The guys confided in Jon that they needed a new vocalist. Jon eventually ended up  pushing Bryan to check out some of the tunes the guys were writing through listening in on the security camera footage from the studio. Ruckstuhl, a vocalist himself, had been taking a break from being in bands over the past few years to concentrate on the studio, but after some repeated nudging from Jon, he eventually decided to give it a try. 

As it turns out, there was only a few degrees of "separation" between Bryan and the guys. They had all went to high school with Bryan's (now ex) wife with whom he was going through a marital separation at the time. An awkward connection indeed, but under these strange circumstances, an unforeseen bond began to form.